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Efficient lighting and control systems conserve energy.
Efficient lighting and control systems conserve energy.

Call us to inspect your farm and see if we can offer you upgrade solutions that will save your facility energy and money.

Harrod Nagel Electrical Services Hours

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Harrod Nagel Electric, Inc.
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Harrod Nagel Electric has a wide range of agricultural clients.  We service small family farms, to large scale operations.  We realize the importance of keeping your equipment running smoothly because in agricultural down time can be very costly.  We offer 24/7 service to keep you going. 

Our Services:

  • Control Systems for Dairy Operations

  • Control Systems for Grain Operations

  • Wiring for Cow and Barns

  • Arena Lighting

  • Horse Barn Wiring

  • Stock Tank Heater Wiring

  • Water Pumps

  • Storage Buildings

  •  Hydraulic cattle shoot wiring

  • Climate control wiring for storage facilities

  • Generator Installation and Service